Who Am I?

When I was 13, I performed in my first ever musical, Les Miserables. As much as I loved performing in it, I didn't quite appreciate its musical, philosophical, and theological depth at the time. To be honest, I was more concerned about not tripping over my super long skirt on stage. 😉 I have listened to … Continue reading Who Am I?

COVID-19 and Our Unchanging God

An unprecedented time in our culture is not a surprise to our steadfast God. Though our way of life has drastically changed in the past week, who God is doesn’t change. He doesn’t stop loving and caring for us. We have countless accounts in the Bible of how He is always working in the lives … Continue reading COVID-19 and Our Unchanging God

selah joy

It is a new season in life. New husband, new state, new friends, new opportunities, new house, but same Jesus. With a new season comes change, and I am a firm believer that each season is crafted by God, for He is sovereign and knows what I need, when I need it, and how I … Continue reading selah joy

Perfectionism: When it’s not okay

Perfectionism is something that I think everyone struggles with to a degree. I know it keeps me from doing certain activities I once innocently loved, such as writing and performing. They then turned into fears-fear of people being too critical, not enjoying it, finding some major flaw in it, you name it. But why should … Continue reading Perfectionism: When it’s not okay