Dreams and the Banana Peel

Around this time last year I wrote, " I don’t know what 23 is going to completely look like (ya know, minus becoming Mrs. Havrilla), but for once that’s okay. I have a God who is creating dreams in me and is providing in all the see-able and unseeable ways. Through it all, He’s Emmanuel, … Continue reading Dreams and the Banana Peel

Growing in Trust

I was seriously about to throw out this sunflower plant. The main flower had dried out and was looking a little shriveled. One of the tiny blooms farther down on the stem had turned black. This would be the second sunflower plant I had killed during our married life (FYI we haven't been married that … Continue reading Growing in Trust

selah joy

It is a new season in life. New husband, new state, new friends, new opportunities, new house, but same Jesus. With a new season comes change, and I am a firm believer that each season is crafted by God, for He is sovereign and knows what I need, when I need it, and how I … Continue reading selah joy

Perfectionism: When it’s not okay

Perfectionism is something that I think everyone struggles with to a degree. I know it keeps me from doing certain activities I once innocently loved, such as writing and performing. They then turned into fears-fear of people being too critical, not enjoying it, finding some major flaw in it, you name it. But why should … Continue reading Perfectionism: When it’s not okay